Re-imagining the NZ Curriculum

Our commitment is to have every ākonga achieve NCEA Level 2 as a minimum qualification during their five years in Senior School. We will do this by re-imagining the way we deliver the New Zealand Curriculum, through three levels of achievement. Foundation (Years 9 & 10), Growth (Years 11 & 12), and Horizon (Year 13).

Years 9 and 10 become the Foundation for our curriculum. Ākonga is working on skills and behaviour that will enable their learning in the Growth phase of our curriculum. It is expected that a student will take two years to acquire the skills and behaviour they will need to be successful at the next stage.

At Years 11 and 12, the completion of the Growth phase is the minimum expectation for all students who have attended Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate Senior School for four years. Accomplishing the Growth phase and the resulting NCEA Level 2 certificate will allow students to gain meaningful employment and/or tertiary futures.

The Year 13 Horizon phase consolidates the learning and development achieved during the Foundation and Growth phases. Developing critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance and creativity will extend ākonga knowledge and experience, and allow them to determine their future pathway towards infinite horizons.